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We are a diverse group of professional tour guides, but what we all have in common is our passion for food and the history of New York. We take you to some of the very best bites to be found in the Village. They are among our own favorites, and we have no doubt that you will fall in love with them as well!

City Manager Bridget Quisiguina's family dates back to the original Dutch immigrants and have been in NY since 1653. As a Native New Yorker, Bridget spent over a decade as a New York City school teacher before pursuing her long-time dream to become a NYC-licensed tour guide. Her passions for history and food make her an excellent liaison into your culinary expedition through the city.

Bridget, Secret Food Tours New York "Our tours are small and intimate to ensure a personalized tour experience for each of our guests. When you book a Secret Food Tour, you will not only sample some of the best New York food to be found on the island, but you will also become party to some historical and landmark information many New Yorkers do not even know. This tour truly leaves your belly, your mind, and your heart full!"

Bridget, Secret Food Tours New York