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Tourist traps, step aside!
This is NOT the Jambalaya, Gumbo & Praline tour. In fact we avoid all those touristy foods. Secret Food Tours will introduce you to the intoxicating joie de vivre that it is to experience New Orleans, like a local, in the The Irish Channel. Join us for an afternoon of seafood, culture and history.
We are New Orleanians, deeply in love with the quirky & historical neighborhoods we live in and the interesting & delicious foods that have come to call our city home. New Orleans has always been kind to foreigners and immigrants and as a result, has benefited from all the wonderful things that they've brought to her over the centuries.

When you book one of our Irish Channel New Orleans Food Tours, we'll show you the historic neighborhood's classic culinary treasures, as well as modern New Orleans eateries. You'll take in the architecture of homes, learn about our culture, check out some local art and end up toasting to the spirits in Lafayette Cemetery.

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New Orleans Culinary food tour

New Orleans

Culinary food tour

Culinary secret food tour


Food Tour New Orleans

Our NOLA guides will bring you to some of the local favorites along and just off of Magazine Street on a three-hour tour of local seafood, culture and history in our Irish Channel neighborhood. Along the way we will taste the natural bounty of our gulf coast as it is eaten in New Orleans today. We will have both traditional local dishes as well as a couple of exciting new presentations, this mix is a direct and lovely result of centuries worth of foreign influences upon our City.

We'll eat a Po-boy, fully dressed of course and you know you have to try broiled oysters, right? Succulent Crawfish makes an appearance as well AND who could forget our revealed-the-day-of Secret Food Tour Mystery Bite!!! Need more? Ok, there'll be Pimento cheese as well, I mean, we ARE in New Orleans and some local beer too! Finally, locally made ice cream and rum. Say What??? When we are through with you, not only will your appetite be satisfied but we'll bet that you'll feel a little cooler, a little more knowledgeable, more than likely a little friendlier, definitely a little more NOLA :)

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New Orleans Secret Food Tour

New Orleans

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New Orleans Food Tour

"The northernmost Caribbean city" is a moniker often attached to New Orleans and one which the locals are proud to accept. We walk a little slower than the rest of the United States, we generally smile a little more too. Despite the hustle and bustle that drives most of the country we still relish in the pleasure of slowness and the delight of wonder. Our Adults dress up in costume WHENEVER they are given a chance and grown folks dancing in the streets are as normal as traffic lights and stop signs. If you live here, you love it, period. If you're a good person AND you live here, then you share it. You share with ANYONE who wants to be a part of it, even if only for a little bit.

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