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In Naples, we are proud of our food culture and history. Locals love to eat; locals love to drink; locals love to talk; locals love even more to eat, drink, talk, and gossip. Sit down with a glass of wine or beer with a local and you will soon know who they are, where their family is from, and be invited to Sunday dinner. Don't be surprised if you form a lasting friendship with a local if you take time out of your busy schedule to sit, relax, and enjoy Naples. During your experience on our Neapolitan tour, you will learn about the food we've selected for you, how it's made, and why and how we enjoy it. Learn how to incorporate the "Neapolitan way" of living into your own lifestyle.

Natalia is a young but experienced guide, born and raised in Napoli. She loves her city and the history behind it, and she will take you from present to past and back again. Tasting her local food selections will help you understand the history and knowledge of the Neapolitan culture as it is today.

Our Naples tours are small and intimate to make sure that our guests receive a personal experience. We take 12 people maximum per tour.

Natalia, Secret Food Tours Naples"Born and raised in Napoli, after having lived abroad and in other Italian cities, I made a choice against the trend by coming back to my hometown, that I really love! This is an ancient but modern city that I adore to explore, day by day, more and more! I love to share the wonders of this city and seeing people falling in love with it! I am always happy to be a local guide and reveal the secrets of Napoli through my eyes by offering insight into the Neapolitan way of life!"

Natalia, Secret Food Tours Naples