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Montreal has so much to discover that it is immensely beneficial to your experience of the city to be accompanied by a local who has lived there their entire life. The team at Montreal is hugely passionate about the city that resides within a river and is well prepared to share the history, the food, and more.

City Manager Adam Marcinski has much experience in conversing with groups of people from his time as a sports coach. With an infectious smile he will be sure to leave you in high spirits and a very happy tummy (just don't get him started on badminton, or else he may not stop). He was fortunate to have been brought up by parents who greatly enjoyed their food, and would frequently explore the city in search of recommendations from friends and family.

Adam, Secret Food Tours Montreal "There are a few things that I love the most about Montreal; the topography, the people, and the food. No single place in Montreal looks like another, and there is so much character to love. You could spend months here exploring as much as you could, and you would still only have experienced a fraction of what it has to offer. There are few other cities in the world that I have been to that can compare."

Adam, Secret Food Tours Montreal