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Miami earned its nickname "The Magic City," because of its unprecedented growth rate from the 1800's through the early 20th century. Miami continues to grow, and a surge of foreign born residents has transformed it into one of the most distinctive cities in the country, and one with delicious diversity in its culinary landscape.

City Manager Erin knows this first hand, having lived in Miami for most of her life and witnessed its transformation. She has worked as a historical and cultural tour guide of the city for many years. She is a world traveler, and connoisseur of food and wine, which inspired her to earn a B.S. in Hospitality Management. She is also half-Ecuadorian, so she has a special connection to the Latin influences that dominate the city.

Erin, Secret Food Tours Miami "Join me on an enchanting jaunt through the oldest and most charming section of Miami, where you will savor the local flavors and bask in the beautiful backdrop that embodies all that Coconut Grove has to offer."

Erin, Secret Food Tours Miami