Upgraded Food Package Madrid

Upgraded Food Package

Madrid Tour

Upgrade your Madrid Wine Tour experience with small bites, selected to pair with the wine you will be served. This upgrade cannot be purchased as a standalone tour, it must be purchased in conjunction with a wine tour.

When you choose our appetizer food upgrade you get:

  • Assortment of Iberian cured meats
  • Assortment of cheeses
  • Two homemade croquettes
  • Oxtail cannelloni with gravy

*Please be aware that the food items may change due to seasonality and availability.

The main characteristics that distinguish the the Black Iberian Pig, which are only raised in West and Southwest Spain, are the type and quality of the animal, its free lifestyle, its diet of acorns, and the curing process (just time and salt), which can last up to 5 years.


Sample a variety of semi-cured sheep, goat, and cow cheeses.

These two croquettes will be a small breadcrumbed fried food containing meat and mixed with béchemel. The other one will contain boletus and also mixed with béchemel.


An oxtail cannelloni is a delicious way to wow you as we wrap up our tour.

This tour is available for Group & Private Tours of 6 or more.

This tour is available for Group & Private Tours of 6 or more.

You can order with your ticket by selecting "Upgraded Food Package" from our booking widget, or add it on at a later date (before the tour start). If you already have booked your wine tour but want to add the food package contact us by email [email protected]

It is easy! You can book tickets online here. We begin our tours at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday. We will send you the meeting place details before the day of the tour. Our wine tour lasts for 2 ½-3 hours and involves some walking, so be sure to wear comfortable footwear. And don't forget to bring a camera! You will want to remember these great places if you come to Madrid again.