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With Los Angeles being known as the "Creative Capital of the World" it's no surprise that the city has long been at the forefront of food invention and adaptation, with many dishes that have become staples across the country, hailing from this vibrant Southern California city.

When you book Secret Food tours: Los Angeles Downtown you'll sample a wide variety of wonderful food created in our state. While many of the influences of our dishes come from Mexico, you'll also find food from a "French” man, as well as connections to the Far East. We'll take you through one of the coolest neighborhoods in downtown LA, whilst avoiding the tourist traps and experiencing a true insider's perspective on the food culture of Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles Downtown food

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Los Angeles Culinary food tour: Downtown

Los Angeles, Downtown

Culinary food tour

Culinary secret food tour


Food Tour Los Angeles

This tour has been created to convey the diversity of Los Angeles cuisine whilst giving a taste of what it's like to live as a local in the downtown area. You'll try our famous taquitos, the divine French Dip, succulent roast duck, a sweet cookie, and of course a Secret Dish that will only be revealed on the day of your tour. All the while our guides will provide you with information on the fascinating history that has made our city into the cultural hub it is today.

About Our Downtown Los Angeles Food Tours

Los Angeles Secret Food Tour

Los Angeles

Downtown Food Tour


Los Angeles Food Tour

As we explore the downtown area, you'll be able to feel each individual influence from around the world, from Mexico, to the Far East, our guides will lead you on a journey through gastronomy, exploring the diverse cuisine that has evolved over generations to create some of the finest dishes in the city. There's no better place to begin this journey than Downtown, where art, culture, food, and history all come together to create the perfect location for your food-filled adventure.

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