The food scene in Long Beach is nothing if not diverse, but if you are not from the area, you could be missing out. Our Secret Food Tours are designed to take you behind the scenes so that you can enjoy the sauciest barbecue, the biggest burritos, the spiciest curries, the best lomo saltado, and the most mouth-watering menudo.

Our Food Tours Long Beach takes you on an exotic eatery extravaganza as your palate discovers new twists on old favorites. You will learn the history and diversity of this scenic beachy space and sample everything Long Beach has to offer.

The city, numbering just under half a million residents, is full of life and light, and has a lively vibe with a culture all its own. With our Secret Food Tours, you can discover the laid-back vibe of this welcoming city that is home to people from all walks of life and celebrate its culture, its art, its music, and its flavorful cuisine. Jump to top

Lighthouse with palms at Long Beach
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