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The East End is a diverse, multi-cultural neighbourhood which has shaped Shoreditch into a thriving, bustling area with independent shops and buzzing markets. Walk through the local streets and get immersed by the vibrant and mouth-watering international cuisines that are on offer from the shops, restaurants and stall holders that will not fail to impress you!

By booking our award winning Secret Food Tours: Shoreditch your guide will take you on a culinary and historic journey uncovering the many layers that make up the area, helping you to discover its hidden gems. You will get to sample the spectrum of mouth-watering flavours that make up this unique neighbourhood with influences including British, Jewish, Bangladeshi, and Ghanaian to name but a few. We will ensure that you are well fed and nourished not only by the excellent food, but also by a greater understanding as to how life in the area was like in the 18th century and the influence it has had to shape the modern-day neighbourhood that you experience today.

Upgraded Drinks Package

We are pleased to offer the option of an upgraded drinks package on this tour. Guests often want to sample a little extra on the tour, so we've added an optional drinks upgrade package that includes a hidden gem for those interested in lesser known (and delicious) beverages! For more details click here

Shoreditch Food Tour

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Our guide will offer you a whole new perception of London. We will escape the crowds in our early morning tour and help you discover some intriguing spots that tourists often miss. Our entertaining guides will educate and tell stories of the East End and all its best kept secrets including the zoo market, roman burial grounds, and the French silk trade.

Our passionate guides will lead you through Shoreditch, sampling an array of yummy offerings, however you'll need a chance rest, recuperate and rehydrate yourself, but don't worry we have this all covered!

During your food tour, our guides will entertain you with stories about the area, and by the end of your tour you will surely have a greater understanding of the city's food, along with some top tips about the best places to visit.

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