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As Londoners passionate about food, it is hard not to be tantalised by all the delicious Indian flavours available in this city.

In fact, "going for an Indian" has become a quintessentially British thing to do, and London is the number one place to do it. As a matter of fact, many new Indian taste sensations are created right here in the city.

Upgraded Drinks Package

We are pleased to offer the option of an upgraded drinks package on this tour. Guests often want to sample a little extra on the tour, so we've added an optional drinks upgrade package that includes a hidden gem for those interested in lesser known (and delicious) beverages! For more details click here

London Indian Food Tour

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Indian East End Food Tour

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Indian Food Tour


Food Tour

By booking our award-winning Secret Indian Food Tour, discover and taste exciting curries, flavoursome dishes and learn about spices and Indian cuisine. This tour is catered for all tastes and people, whether you are a seasoned curry fan and like them hot or new to this type of food and need an introduction to the varied tastes. Either way, we will show you a large variety of dishes from the Indian subcontinent, give you samples of authentic Indian sweets and savouries, inform you of the multitude of spices that make up Indian cooking, and take you off the beaten track for a truly authentic experience. There's a lot of food, so come hungry!

Indian Culinary Secret Food Tour

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