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London has always had a history and tradition brewing beer and ales. However as larger companies took over the game, many of the smaller independent breweries inevitably shut down. Now a revival in London's past has come back in full swing and this leisurely nectar is now available in an assortment of flavours and styles across this modern metropolis. The people of London have spoken, and tasted, good, fresh beer again and the momentum is back with full force!

Come on a journey with us to discover, taste and relish the liquid that this city was built and still thrives on. As we sample beers in some of the coolest and funkiest of craft beer drinking holes, we will also finish off the tour in a hidden traditional and historic pub, and of course there is the 'secret venue' revealed on the tour. Discover how the IPA was invented here in the capital, try smokey stouts, tingling sour beers, and smooth ales on this liquid journey through the city. There will be a total of 7 beers that you will try on the tour, so arrive well fed in order to endure the liquid paradise adventure!

Secret Beer Tours

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Upgrade your London Beer Tour experience with small bites, selected to pair with the beer you will be served. This upgrade cannot be purchased as a standalone tour, it must be purchased in conjunction with a beer tour. For more details, click here.

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Secret Beer Tours

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As we typrope between the affluent, brash, work hard play hard, drinks culture of the city. On the other side you'll notice the hipster, cool and funky Shoreditch. See how these two very different neighbourhoods rub shoulders and often spill into each other's venues. No tour in London is complete without pointing out some of the wonderous history and appreciating how this has helped shape the modern venues, buildings and surroundings we will enjoy on this journey.


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