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About Food Tours

All of our guides have a deep love for the city of Lisbon and are so pleased to see that their city has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe! In terms of food, culture, and history, we have so much to offer visitors and after you're done with the tour, we'll be able to provide great tips for the rest of your stay!

Our groups are small and intimate to make sure that you get a personalized experience. We'll make sure you feel right at home in our wonderful city.

About Wine Tours

Portugal is a wine producer from North to South, add the archipelagos of Madeira and Azores and it's clear that Portugal and the Portuguese people are all about wine! Although we are a small country, it is still very diverse in terms of climate, soil, landscape and of course, grapes. The result is an exciting range of wines that are completely unique, even though their grapes may be grown relatively nearby. We'll share with you the story of Portuguese wine through its territory, and the process we take from grape to the wine. You'll hear some amazing stories about the people of Portugal and their passion and dedication to wine. But to hear all this, you have to sit at the table! That special place we call The Portuguese Table, where you can never be short of bread and wine! After all, the best wines are the