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Any questions about our Key West Secret Food Tour? Please contact our 24/7 support team at [email protected].

If a tour is fully booked, or you are looking to book a *Group or Private Tour - please email us about Group & Private Tours options.
*Please note - Group & Private Tours are specifically organised for your group and therefore subject to a premium price. Flat fee rate applies for groups of 6 and under.


Your guide is John.

+1 (305) 723-9643

Meeting Spot

The meeting place for the Key West tour is at the intersection of Fleming and Grinnell Streets. The local free bus, The Duval Loop, makes a stop at this location (#17). Guests are encouraged to use this bus, walk, or bike to the meeting place if at all possible because of limited parking. The tour will end at Mallory Square. The guide will have an orange umbrella so it's easy to spot.


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