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Meeting Spot - Morning Tour

We will meet at Kadikoy metro station exit 4, right outside the station. *Please note that Kadikoy and Karakoy sound very similar and we are meeting in Kadikoy on the Asian side of Istanbul. After you see the metro exit 4 there is a white ferry building on the left and on the right there is a big area with a huge Turkish flag and a statue with stairs. There are several exitgates at Kadikoy metro station, if arriving by metro follow the signs for Exit 4. As you are exiting the station you will see our meeting spot to your right. Our guide will be standing at the stairs of the statue to greet you holding a Secret Food Tours orange umbrella, so we are easy to spot! For the people who will come by ferry, after exiting Eminonu or Karakoy ferry station in Kadikoy you just need to walk 150 meters to the right along the seaside and you will see the stairs of the statue. If you're coming with the Besiktas ferry the statue and meeting point will be on your left after exiting the ferry. Behind the Turkish flag and statue there is a brown Haldun Taner Theatre Building which has a shelter. If it is a rainy day we will meet at the closest corner of theatre building under shelter.


Meeting Spot - Evening Tour

Your guide will be waiting for you with his orange umbrella right next to the Books&Coffee Café diagonally across from the Karakoy Tram station next to Hotel Momento Golden Horn. When you are at the Karakoy Tram station with the sea at your back you will see a big black and yellow sign of the Books&Coffee Café straight ahead to your left on the other side of the crosswalk/intersection. The easiest way to get there from Sultanahmet or Eminonu is, after crossing over Galata Bridge in the direction of Galata Tower, to find the Karakoy Tram station and cross the road at the intersection after the tram station.


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Your guide is Nusret.

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