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Food Tour

From our Secret Food Tours in Hong Kong, you will get to savor many different types of culinary delights, that showcase locals' most loved foods.

  • To start, we will take you to one of the most renowned beef brisket food house, where locals travel across districts to queue up just for a bowl.
  • Next, we will head to try the Shanghai style mini pork bun, filled with juicy soup inside. This is local habit : Soak up the food street - buy and stand to eat.
  • To help digest a bit, we will stroll to the local food market to experience the local life. The market sells live seafood, poultry and various kinds of vegetables and melons, which you may have never seen before. En route you will see dried or preserved seafood in an old grocery, a traditional paper shop that hand make paper offerings & worship items for the deceased, a deepening your understanding on the Chinese culture.
  • To continue, we visit the renowned Roast Goose restaurant to devour the exquisite roasted goose with a beautiful pairing of plum sauce.
  • We will also have some seasonal fruits while we are walking to the Tin Hau Temple.
  • During our excursion, you will discover Hong Kong's culture, architecture and neighborhoods by visiting the Tin Hau Temple over 200 years of history. (Tin Hau temple will be closed for maintenance between Sep 13-20, 2018).
  • It is never a complete food tour without trying our local's beloved sweets and drinks to be served in a typical local "Tea & Milk Tea".
  • Before reaching our last secret stop, we will stop by an Octagon shaped temple where people worship "Kwan Yam", our most respected goddess and understand the origin of the festival with fire dragon parade.
  • Lastly, we will relax at a dim sum restaurant to taste various kinds of dim sum and a Chinese dessert, served with your preferred choice of Chinese Tea.

If you choose our upgraded drink package:

  • A Can of Tsing Tao Beer - served at the Roasted Goose restaurant
  • A Glass of Chinese Yellow Rice wine (Zhejiang Gu Yue long Shan "Shaoxing Wine") to be served at Dim Sum Restaurant

Please note that the itinerary is subject to change, based on the locations availability and weather

WHY Tin Hau District?

Tin Hau Hong Kong

Tin Hau is the Goddess of Sea for HongKongers. The area is located on Hong Kong Island, named after the Tin Hau Temple located in this area.

The most renowned Beef brisket food houses, as well as the best Roasted Goose restaurants are found in Tin Hau. The area is also popular among food lovers due to the plethora of restaurants serving diverse cuisines. There is a traditional food market in the area as well - you can imagine the freshness of ingredients provided to the restaurants nearby every early morning.

We believe that Tin Hau will leave you satisfied- with a full heart and stomach.



How to book a tour with us

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It's easy! You can book tickets online here. Our tours begin at 11:00 am and we will send you the meeting place details the day before the tour. Our culinary tours lasts 3 to 3 and a half hours and they involve a fair amount of walking, so be sure to bring comfortable footwear. Your guide will stay with you throughout the whole tour and will make arrangements to accommodate any special dietary restrictions. Please, email us about your food needs prior to the tour, if unable to do so, please inform your guide at the meeting location before the tour starts. And don't forget to bring a camera! You will want to remember these great places for when you come back to Hong Kong!