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About Food Tours

Florence is a charming and international city, very representative of the richness of the Italian culture, especially in terms of gastronomy. As tourism continues to grow it can be difficult to find authentic and quality food. Our mission is to show you the places where locals meet and eat, as well as the area's secret streets and monuments.

About Wine Tours

In Tuscany wine has been produced for more that 3,000 years and is one of our most important traditions. Wine is part of our culture, both in terms of producing and drinking. Tuscan wines are unique because of the great variety of its soils and micro climates. Florence Secret Wine Tasting is a chance to combine fun and culture; tasting some of the most delicious wines that represent different areas and, at the same time, enjoying one of the most beautiful cities of the world. A professional and licensed guide will make this tour a real Florentine experience!