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Over the last number of years, Dublin has undergone an exciting rennaisance in its food culture which has resulted in a explosion of artisan, locally produced, sumptions, lovingly crafted foods which are brought to you directly from the lush green Irish family owned and run farms to the mouthwatering morsels of food on your fork.

This unique situation has encouraged a blossoming of food culture to occur in Dublin's fair city and has produced some exiting new artisan delights along with some fabulous reincarnations of staple Irish food all to be savoured and enjoyed with a dollop of the famous Irish Craic and a glass of the 'black stuff'.

We have endeavoured to introduce visitors to some old favourites and to the very best of the newer stars on the Irish table.

Niamh, Secret Food Tours Dublin"I was born and raised in the magical coastal town of Dalkey, and I travelled extensively before returning home to Dublin where I continued my passion for food, culture and history by becoming a food tour guide to showcase all the best that this city has to offer its many visitors."

Niamh, Secret Food Tours Dublin