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We are avid local food and beverage aficionados, and we've made it our goal to introduce visitors to the unique Denver food scene. Denver is a charming and multicultural city, offering an abundance of locally grown and produced authentic food. We'll show you the places where locals meet and eat, as well as secret streets and monuments. You'll eat and drink like a true Coloradoan, while we tell you stories about our fascinating, yet often overlooked, history!

Since our small crew of talented and passionate tour guides reside in the Denver area, we'll be sharing with you our local knowledge of hidden culinary gems as well as latest gastronomic trends. We'll also give you great tips for the rest of your trip.

Simone is the author of Denver Food: A Culinary Evolution, as well as a wine professor at the University of Colorado, a respected academic researcher, and a long-time culinary industry professional.

Simone, Secret Food Tours Denver "My name is Simone FM Spinner, and I am the city manager for Denver. Either I, or one of my enthusiastic guides will lead you on this culinary journey through Denver's best and often little known foodie secrets. Come with me for a delicious and revealing three hours as I share my love of Denver and insider's knowledge of our distinctive culinary scene. I'm the author of Denver Food: A Culinary Evolution, which is my love letter to Denver, and an expression of my fondness and knowledge of Denver's local cuisine and unique history."

Simone FM Spinner, Secret Food Tours Denver