Are you on your way to Cork and want to make sure that you discover the best places to eat there? One way to make sure that you taste the best that Cork has to offer is to take part in secret food tours.

A knowledgeable guide leads the walking tour and knows exactly where the locals go to have a tasty meal. You can be assured that your guide will not take you to the typical places where the tourists always go. Instead, you will know the delicacies that the artisans in the area are creating for everyone, but you will definitely find your way to the Irish pub that you have heard so much about in America.

Your guide will also come in handy when you have questions about the local architecture and culture. As you are walking to the farmers’ markets and other retailers, you will be welcome to taste samples along the way.

Book food tours Cork to have the most enjoyable trip possible!

Blackrock Castle in Cork, Ireland
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