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If you love Craft Beer, you may know that Chicago is the largest craft brewing city in the US, with more than 150 breweries in 228 square miles. Where does a beer lover begin? We've taken on the tough job of researching the very best breweries in town and created a tour that is sure to please true Craft Beer geeks and budding hobbyists alike. You'll sample beers from Chicago's newest Craft Beer hot-spots, as we take you to some of the hottest craft breweries in the city, all while sharing the history of the making of beer and the subtle shifts in the process that create the varietals we enjoy today.

As we wind through one of The Windy City's most lovely residential areas on our tour, you'll learn how ubiquitous Chicago politics has shaped the beer industry, Chicago's gritty rivalry with Milwaukee, the German beer riot and its long-lasting effects on political partisanship in Chicago city elections, a deadly Chicago theme park, and many more fascinating snippets of our history. We'll dive into the cultural dealings of the area, from the ages dating before the Chicago fire, to the age of prohibition, and beyond! When you drink with us, you learn.

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Chicago Beer Tour

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Our tour explores the street nicknamed Malt Row, where you'll enjoy the best craft brewing experience Chicago has to offer, and will satisfy both the craft beer enthusiast and "soon-to-be enthusiasts" alike. We start at the beginning, where you'll enjoy a flight of beers as you learn about the origins of beer creation, its key ingredients, and the subtle shifts in the brewing process used to create the varieties we enjoy today. From there, we take a deeper dive into the craft, learning the influence the German culture had on Chicago beer and on what influences Chicago has had on beer at a national level.

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