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Budapest Secret Food Tour

Even in the heart of urban Budapest, anyone has the opportunity to enjoy the best ingredients from Hungary's countryside - if you know where to look. Discover the rich specialties and history of Hungarian cuisine with our Secret Food Tour, taking Budapest visitors to the city's bustling local markets, sizzling street-food stands, and high-spirited wine bars. Join a local guide for a relaxed excursion to several of Budapest's best dining destinations found away from the beaten path, where visitors can enjoy classic spicy food and sip homemade pálinka brandy among authentic settings full of neighbourhood characters.

By booking Secret Food Tours Budapest, you will enjoy an in-depth cultural and food experience around the city, tasting quality food and wine.

Upgraded Drinks Package

For those 18 and older with valid ID we are thrilled to offer some of Budapest's best drinks. Unicum, the most popular drink in Hungary, wine soda, and 3 glasses of wine. For more details click here

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Budapest Culinary Tour


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Culinary food tour


Food Tour Budapest

Our tour offers the most tasteful way to explore the beautiful city of Budapest by tasting the most delicious traditional dishes of Hungary in iconic locations. Based on varied culinary traditions of Central and Eastern Europe, Magyar cuisine is known for spicy, rich, and vibrant tastes created from fresh ingredients grown and raised in the surrounding region, and delivered to Budapest's local market halls to provide the basis for the flavourful meals of our capital city.

About Secret Food Tour Budapest

Secret Food Tour Budapest


Secret Food Tour


Secret Food Tours Budapest

Walk through Budapest and its dining hotspots alongside our local guide, offering you the experience to immerse into the historic scenery surrounding the streets with fascinating architecture. Take a glance into Hungary's gastronomic history - with influences ranging from France to Turkey - while enjoying the essence of Budapest's modern multicultural scene, with its youthful atmosphere and cultural gems. We welcome you to have one of the best experiences of your life in a truly wonderful city.

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