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On our Budapest/Obuda food tour, our passionate guides will show you true Hungarian traditional cuisine. We'll take you to visit hidden culinary hotspots in Budapest/Óbuda and introduce you to the country's oldest settlement and its dining culture. Take a walk with us on the Óbuda Promenade, visit the Roman Amphitheater, and many more local historical sights as well as experiencing a 150 year old restaurant and its authentic atmosphere. We'll recommend some sites and activities to see after your tour and some other great restaurants in town.

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Food Tour Budapest - Obuda

On our food tour, you'll be taken to the secret part of Budapest for a three-and-a-half-hour Hungarian gastronomy tour in the authentic areas of Óbuda, the 3. District. You'll try the famous Hungarian goulash soup, a Palinka and a chicken or veal paprikash, all part of our local heritage. You'll finish your tour with a delicious Hungarian variation on the pancake. After the tour, you'll have a better understanding of Hungarian historical cuisine and our culture. On all our tours, there's a Secret Dish, which you can only find out about on the day of your tour.

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Secret Food Tour Budapest Obuda


Secret Food Tour


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Our tour starts on the Óbuda Promenade, before we head to the 2200 year old Roman amphitheater where you'll begin to immerse yourself in the history of our city. After experiencing the beautiful sites along the river of the Danube, we'll see a beautiful panorama of the Buda side of the city. All of the restaurants we'll visit are run by friendly locals who'll make you feel right at home in our city. We'll finish our tour on the beautiful Main Square of the district where the Christmas fair used to be held.

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