The Top Dublin Tourist Attractions You Don't Wanna Miss

If you are visiting Dublin in the near future and not sure where to spend your limited time you have just found the right article. Keep on reading to find out about some of the top places to visit in this iconic city.

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland has gone through many changes during the last few decades but it is still a magnificent place where the old and the new beautifully live together. The center now has a true metropolitan atmosphere but you are still surrounded by many historical places.

As a visitor in Dublin you will never be short on things to do and a vast array of tourist destinations will keep you busy for many days. Ireland's capital will hold many surprises for the history lover as well as the culture buff. The city is home to several world class museums and galleries.

Many of the most popular attractions can be visited during a single, well-planned stroll. This is also happened to be the best way to get to know Dublin - in the opinion of the writer of this guide.

Trinity College

One of the best places to start your tour is Trinity College. This is the home of several cultural treasures, including the Book of Kells, a rare medieval Irish harp and the Books of Durrow and Armagh, among other things.

If you have the chance, time your visit when it opens to the public as it can be rather busy during the peak hours. This also gives you the best chance to enjoy the timeless feel this magnificent building has to it. As you exit the building you will find the College Green nearby with the old Irish Parliament serving as part of the Bank of Ireland on one side of it.

As you leave Kildare Street you will arrive at the National Gallery of Ireland, another solid favorite of visiting culture enthusiasts. It is home to not just the most extensive collection of Irish art but also many European pieces all the way from medieval artifacts to modern items.

It would not be possible to write a tourist guide of Dublin without mentioning the legendary Guinness Storehouse. A mandatory visit not just for beer lovers as everyone tends to have a great time here. The core of this impressive building is a sight to behold: the space is seven floors tall and forms the shape of a Guinness pint glass. As you walk along the floors you have the chance to learn how the iconic beer of the city is made. As you reach the Gravity Bar at the top you will likely feel like tasting the liquid you have just witnessed the history of.

The next stop on out tour is the impressive Dublin Castle. Apart from walking around and admiring the Castle, the inside halls hold the famous Eastern art collections of the Chester Beatty Library. Named after the collector of most of the items himself, Alfred Chester Beatty who has relocated his extensive collection to Ireland in 1950.

Another noteworthy part of the Dublin Castle houses the Police Museum.

If you feel like you have stocked up on culture, the AquaZone offers a different kind of fun as one of the top water parks of the old continent. A solid favorite among kids, it's vast array of innovative features ensures a fun filled visit for the entire family. As you head back to the hotel after a long day in Dublin you can't help but feel like it was time well spent and many visitors already start planning their return visit before they even leave this magical place.