Rome Shopping Destinations

If you visit Rome with shopping in mind you are facing an abundance of options. There are several shopping districts and streets for everyone's taste, you just need to find the time to visit them all.

One of the most popular choices is the area nearby the Spanish Steps called Piazza di Spagna. This is your best bet if you are after big fashion brands like Versace, Dolce Gabbana, Prada or Gucci. You will also encounter several other brands offering similar quality items as this is one of the best places to start a new fashion house in the world.

Via del Corso is another classic example of prime European shopping. One of the longest streets in Rome, it is always alive with tourists and locals alike hunting for the latest clothing items from Zara, Jimmy Choo or Massimo Dutti. High end boutiques alternate with shopping malls and smaller designer shops. This is the Mecca of shoe shoppers, if you ale looking to add a pair of authentic Italian leather shoes to your collection, make sure you save plenty of time as the selection is dizzying here.

A classic street famous for it's appearance in La Dolce Vita, Via Vittorio Veneto is offering an elegant example of Italian style. While shopping is certainly one of the main attractions, it's not the only focus of the area. If you want to submerge yourself in a full shopping experience you have the option to book one of the exquisite hotels nearby and choose this as a base camp for your Rome adventure. The several cafes and restaurants around offering traditional Italian coffee and meals complete the scene. Apart from the usual well-known brands, this is where you will find a wide selection of handmade embroidered linens as well.

Rome Streets

Via Cola di Rienzo, located near the Vatican is frequented by many locals. Taking the prices one notch down from the most touristy areas, this is where many Roman families come to shop for their wardrobe items.

Another example of an shopping area away from the masses is Via Borgognona. Since this is not a prime tourist destination, many smaller brands set up their store location here allowing you to find more unique yet still sophisticated pieces.

If you find yourself hungry after all the store hopping, a gourmet food shopping store named Franchi is your prime destination. An amazing selection of authentic Italian pastas and ingredients can be found here, take your chance to bring some traditional flavors home with you. There are plenty of choices for a quick, tasty bite or a leisurely full meal in the area but if you can't choose your best bet might be signing up to one of the popular food tours Rome offers to visitors.