New York Central Park Highlights

Possibly the most famous of all parks, Central Park in Manhattan, New York is a sight to behold. Sprawling across 843 acres of prime location land within the heart of one of the most densely populated cities, it receives more visitors than any other public park in the USA. Featured in several famous movies, it is even a familiar sight to many people who never been there.

Established in 1857, they started working on the landscaping of the area in the following year and opened the first area to the public in the winter of 1858. It has been redesigned and reconstructed several times since, and now features many iconic architecture sites as well as lakes, bridges, forests and vast meadows.

It is the living, breathing heart of the city and harbours so many small treasures that it offers every day surprises even for those who visit it frequently. This magical park would deserve it's own guide book and it is no easy task to choose the highlights to include in this list we compiled for those who plan to discover it but have limited time. Let's see the most essential - and highly subjective - list of attractions to visit within the park.

The Pond

Located at the southeast corner, it presents a sharp contrast to the busy streets nearby. The quiet lake attracts visitors any time during the day so that there is never a time to be alone here. Right next to the water there is a restricted area only open to visitors during certain times called the Hallet Nature Sanctuary. You need to plan ahead if you want to include this in your discovery tour.

New York Park

Gapstow Bridge.

A classic shot of the park seen in many postcards features this iconic bridge and the Plaza Hotel in the background. Most of the time you can see couples posing for photos on the bridge and you can even notice a few more waiting for their turn nearby.

Central Park Zoo and the Children's Zoo

A solid family favorite it offers an excellent excuse to get children away from computers and game consoles. The most popular times are the 3 scheduled feeding times daily when visitors can see a sea lion show performed for fish. You can save time by purchasing tickets before your visit as it can get busy on sunny days.

Shakespeare Garden

Created in 1913 and designed to imitate a native English countryside flora, the 4 acre garden features wooden benches, pathways and a continental atmosphere. If you are visiting with your significant other, this romantic stroll is not to be missed.

There are many things The Big Apple is known for. The Met, yellow cabs, the musicals on Broadway and the fabulous New York food scene but the Central Park is one place you need to save time for if you want to experience what it's like to be a true New Yorker.