Best restaurants in Barcelona

The Secret Food Tour Barcelona is the best place for you to come to eat everything the city has to offer and to learn about this gorgeous city and its amazing cultural fare. It has been one of the prettiest cities in the world for some time, and you may eat all their food on the tour.

Cera 23

The Cera 23 dining experience is fantastic because you may come in and have a lovely time sitting with the staff and trying their full menu. This restaurant is one fo the best in the city, and it gives you the authentic Spanish experience that many people hope for when they come to the city. You will be pleased with the full bar that they have, and they offer an experience that is far beyond most other places in the city. You may come in for a romantic meal, or you may come in to have a decadent meal.

Con Garcia

Con Gracia has a wonderful Italian menu that you must try for yourself, and you will be quite pleased with this restaurant because it allows you to make your trip to Barcelona more exciting. You will sit in the nice ambience of this place, and you will relax more than ever before because you will feel the restaurant relax you. The staff can take you through an amazing wine list, adn you may order front he full bar. This is a complete experience, and you will be happy to come to this place to have a drink even if you are not eating. You deserve to have a meal that will change your trip for the better, and the Con Gracia staff will let you select a full meal that will begin with a salad or soup and end with a marvelous dessert.

Best restaurants in Barcelona

Viana Barcelona

Viana Barcelona is a wonderful place to come for people who are hoping to have a lovely meal that reminds them of Italy even though they are in Barcelona. There is a gorgeous mixing of flavors from all the countries of Europe in this place. The kitchen will help you ensure that you have a restaurant that will welcome you every time you show up.

Restaurant UMA

Restaurant UMA is a great place for you to come when you want to feel as though you have swooped into a lovely modern diner. They have the kitchen on display where you can see, and they have built up an amazing place for you to eat that has the bar just behind you. You will become entranced with this place because it helps you have fun in a modern place that makes you feel much better about your time in the city. Schedule your dining time at this restaurant, and you will eat and drink modern gastropub food that you have always wanted.