Best Bars In Dublin

When planning a visit to Dublin, it's almost mandatory to spend some time in some of the many iconic bars this great city has to offer. You have probably heard stories of Irish hospitality and this is your chance to experience it yourself. There is a good chance you will catch some of the famous folk songs along the way too.

The first name on our list is The Palace, established in 1823 with a classic Victorian style interior combined with a lively crowd. It's a fair bet that you can find a good level of activity during any sporting event as it is a favorite meeting point for fans of football, rugby or any big game.

The Brazen Head has different boasting rights, it was mentioned by James Joyce in the iconic pop culture title Ulysses. Serving patrons since 1198 you will have a real time travel feeling as you enter the pub. You can't help but feel the deep history of the place that was shaped during more than 8 centuries.

As the name suggests, you can also find the expected stag's head in a prominent display.

Best Bars in Dublin

A bar with a true local character and traditional Victorian atmosphere you can marvel at the usual eclectic mix of memorabilia on the walls while enjoying your pint in this quiet and laid back place.

A fine example of a local oriented bar, Grogan's offers a glimpse of the lives of the Irish folks who frequent this peaceful pub. You can enjoy a sandwich while people watching outside and see how the crowd goes about their business on a typical Dublin day.

There are several versions of the story in circulation of how The Bleeding Horse got it's name. This classic pub located in Upper Camden Street is the home to many live music events during weekends and is a sought after destination in the evenings.

No list is complete without The Norseman, the oldest pub in Temple Bar. Offering the expected outstanding selection of craft beer, whiskey and local music makes it a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Those looking for a traditional bar accommodation experience can book one of the five bedrooms located on the upper level of the building.

Located in the Creative Quarter of Dublin, The Hairy Lemon is another example of establishments with cultural fame as it was used as a filming location for The Commitments, a 1991 film. With a more modern style than the other bars on our list, it is frequented by a mix of local folks and travelers.

Known for it's kitchen as well as for it's fine whiskey selection, Searsons offers an excellent choice for those looking for a culinary experience with their drinks. During the summer, the beer garden in the back invites patrons for a lovely, relaxing meal and a pint outdoors.