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As Berliners, we are extremely passionate about our local food, our city, and its history. We would love to share with you the best vegan food and explain its unique position within Berlin's culinary culture. When you join Secret Food Tours: Vegan Berlin, you'll try delicious bites and drinks from across the globe. Plus, we'll show you how to find the best shops and restaurants, and many other great local tips to make your experience truly memorable.

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For those 18 and older with valid ID we are thrilled to offer some of the best local beer and cocktails. For more details click here.

Berlin Vegan Tour

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Our experienced guides will take you through the historical and bohemian streets of former East Berlin, where we'll embark on a vegan gastronomy tour in the alternative and international district of Friedrichshain. You'll try some mouthwatering Asian tapas, authentic Ethiopian food, colorful sushi, and too-beautiful-to-eat desserts. Additionally, we've selected some enchanting cocktails, hyperlocal beers, and chilled wines to accompany your bites. You'll finish our tour full of great food and with a better understanding of the Berlin culture, history, and how to live like a local. Plus, with all our tours, there's our Secret Dish, which you can only find out about on the tour.

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Berlin Friedrichshain Tour


Friedrichshain Vegan Tour


Vegan Berlin Food Tour

Our tour begins at Frankfurter Tor, a historical city gate in Friedrichshain. The gate is situated in the center of one of the most fascinating socialist boulevards of the former Soviet Union, which was constructed by the GDR (German Democratic Republic) government. After our walk down the grand boulevard, we'll head into the hip side streets of the neighborhood. Along the way, we'll see old residential buildings that haven't changed since they were built, stunning street art, and hidden local gems. Plus, we'll give you insight into how history and modern life are intertwined in this unique part of Berlin. Our food tour reflects the multiculturalism and progressiveness of the Berlin food scene, which happens to have an abundance of delicious vegan offerings.

Berlin Vegan Tours

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