Berlin Craft Beer and Microbrewery Tours

Berlin Craft Beer and Microbrewery Tours

Berlin is beer, Berlin has always been beer, the words are almost interchangeable so strong is our beer identity. As the laws have been loosened we have more color and variety in our local beers than ever before. It is an exciting time at the brewery. We make the best and cultivate and curate the beer of others making this the quintessential beer experience.

Come along and enjoy good fresh beer in abundance. All of our venues are secret and exclusive to our tour. We begin at a revamped location in a historic village with beer and pretzel, freshly baked from the oven this bite puts you in the mood for more and more is what we deliver.

We move onto the coolest and funkiest place in town where the mysterious decor is only part of the charm. Fruity, sour, complex, hoppy, the flight of 6 covers the spectrum of craft beer available. Despite being brewed by Scientists it is fun and relaxing.
...and there is one more stop, a Secret


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We stay true to our roots as we walk through East Berlin. This is a part of the city holding many secrets and stories. Friedrichshain is our home, no tram ride required as we go from stop to stop sampling more beer than any other tour provides. Ancient and modern, elegant and decadent. That is our home and we love it.

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