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Berlin is a vibrant and ever changing city where you visit the past as well as the future. Our team will be dedicated to guide you through small businesses and local restaurants, giving you the tastes and history of each bite. We are real foodies and we are looking forward to showing you the best local tastes and flavours to make you fall in love with our culture the way we have.

After living in Italy, in the Dominican Republic and in the US, working as a renowned chef and restaurateur, Karl could not help but return to the home of his family, Germany. Every day he would explore a new corner of Berlin's ever changing landscape. Karl loves to seek out the new tastes of today's immigrants as well as the old German fleischerei or Beer Hall. He is passionate about showing you the amazing and unique experience of eating out in the German capital. See our contrasting city and taste our history.

Your guides have lived and travelled all around and are always excited to come home to Berlin. We look forward to meeting you and sharing what we have discovered. When you sit and break bread, strangers become friends and we cannot wait to meet you.

Our tours are small and intimate to make sure that our guests receive a personal experience.

Karl, Secret Food Tours Berlin"True Berliners love to spend the days outdoors, often eating and enjoying beer or wine with friends, family, or at a shared table where new friends are made."

Karl, Secret Food Tours Berlin


Margot, Secret Food Tours Berlin"Born in the United States, but a true citizen of the world, I have finally decided to call Berlin "home" after years of traveling. From 5-star dining in world-class cities, to street tacos in Mexico, to a fish fry in the desert of South Africa, I am always on the hunt for the best and authentic foods and drinks. There is so much to discover in Berlin by a way of food, drinks, and culture. Let me show you how the locals do it!
Berlin is a city that is made for lovers, especially food lovers! Because Berlin is such an international city, you can find any cuisine here. From Turkish, to Polish, to Russian, Jamaican, Indian, Georgian, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, to Ethiopian, we have it all! It's like traveling to many places, in one day, through eating! Come on one of my tours and let me show you a few of my favorite places and tell you some stories about my favorite city! I do a lot of research and daily discovering to find the best, so I can share with YOU!"

Margot, Secret Food Tours Berlin


Alex, Secret Food Tours Berlin"You are crazy my child. You must go to Berlin.
The famous Austrian composer Franz von Suppé wrote these lyrics back in 1800 but they are still very accurately describing the social and cultural extravaganza of this old yet modern city. Being born in the northeastern outskirts of the town, I have always been fascinated by this melting pot called Berlin. The clash between modernity and history also reflects in the renaissance of handcrafted beer varieties and a rapidly growing craft beer brewing scene in Berlin. Due to the so called German Beer Purity Law, a medieval order which dates back to 1516, the diversity of the German beer culture has historically been limited to the standard types like Pilsener, Helles, Dunkles and Hefeweizen. But since this law has been loosened, especially Berlin has become a petri dish for a lot of new micro breweries and brew pubs, where enthusiastic local as well as international brewers trying out new ingredients and flavours (not that Berlin ever cared about rules and cultural norms ;).
As a very open-minded food and beer lover, I eat and drink my way through the city in order to constantly discover new secret spots which I can't wait to share with you.
So do what for example David Bowie also did: Be crazy and come to Berlin!!"

Alex, Secret Food Tours Berlin