Secret Urban Wine Tours in Barcelona

Barcelona Secret Urban Wine Tours

Embark on a journey through the diversity of Catalan and Spanish wines, surrounded by locals. This is not a tour for wine experts, it's an experience for wine lovers!

Barcelona natives love to drink wine in a variety of situations and celebrations, and atmosphere and enjoyment always comes first. We'll take you away from the busy areas saturated by the tourist hustle and bustle, to the hidden bodegas and historical wine bars where you'll learn how to enjoy wine in a truly authentic way.

Prepare to get off the beaten path and taste wines you've never tried before. You'll be welcomed to three unique venues in an authentic area unknown to tourists. We will take you to locals' favourite wine bars, and make this a cultural experience as well as focusing on wine discovery.

Explore the diversity of wine that our regions offer, from small wineries to wine made on a volcanic island.

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Upgrade your Secret Urban Wine Tours: Barcelona with small bites selected to pair with the wine you will be served. This upgrade cannot be purchased as a standalone tour, it must be purchased in conjunction with a wine tour. For more details, click here.

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Romans and Phoenicians made Spain one of the oldest wine regions in the world, giving us a deep heritage that, over time, gave Spaniards a refined understanding of production techniques, the potential of their land, and the richness of the terroir.

From dry lands, to the Mediteranean climate and volcanic soil, the geographic diversity of Spain gives us the opportunity to experience wine in all sorts of ways. This is why we made the choice to focus on the way local vineyards have adapted their production depending on the quality of their land, and their understanding of native grapes.

Please be aware the legal drinking age in Barcelona is 18. Therefore we are unable to take people under this age. However our food tour is child and family friendly, and a great option for children over 6.

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