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Barcelona is a charming and multicultural city, very representative of the diversity of Catalunya, and Spain, specially in terms of gastronomy. However, massive tourism can make it difficult to find authentic food. Our mission for you is to show you the right places where locals meet and eat but also the secret streets and monuments. You will eat and drink like a true Barcelonian, and we will tell you stories about our history!

We are avid Spanish food advocates, and as a result, we've made it our goal to introduce visitors to the real Barcelona. Since our small crew resides in the city, we'll be sharing with you our local knowledge of the tapas culture as well as latest gastronomic trends.

Our team of Barcelonian guides will take you to eateries and shops that are beloved by the area's locals, and we know you'll love them too. They will also give you great tips for the the rest of your trip so from now on you know how to taste Barcelona!

Miguel travelled and worked in South America and studied in France, but he couldn't help but come back to his roots. Influenced by the food from all the cultures and countries he visited, Barcelona represents for him what he loves the most: diversity, people, culture and history. The tour he is going to show you are the places he goes with his friends and family. He loves to find new shops, flavours, stories in every corner of his city. He will be your new friend here in Barcelona and will be passionate and proud to tell you how to appreciate Spanish and Catalan gastronomy as a local.

Our tours are small and intimate to make sure that our guests receive a personalised experience.

Miguel, Secret Food Tours Barcelona"Every tour is different, I like to adapt the tastes and places to my guests. A great tour is not only about eating honest and delicious food. It's about getting to experience our culture, and meet the colorful people of Barcelona, that make OUR city so tasty and special! "

Miguel, Secret Food Tours Barcelona