Local Tips - Secret Food Tours Athens


We hope you loved your Secret Food Tour: Athens! Because we love sharing all our beautiful city has to offer, we've created a list of our guides' favorite places to help you make the most of your time here.


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  • Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani - Cold meats, cheeses, charcuterie, spicy sausages (sujuki), pastrami, and pastourma (cured meat) of excellent quality are the basis of delicious traditional recipes and exceptional meze dishes from all over Greece. Any selection that you make will activate your senses in a splendid way!
  • Taverna at Bios (youth & artists' cultural center) - Back to the roots with best quality ingredients, old recipes with interesting twists by a young, talented, & innovative chef, whose target is to hear "this reminds me of the way my grandma used to make this plate". Minimalist environment, cozy atmosphere, & friendly service; if you're looking for authentic taste, this is the place!
  • Kapnikaréa - Rebetika urban songs started in 1920 by folk musicians & Greek immigrants from Turkey, singing about joy, love, loss, and sorrow. The word is connected to the adjective "rebetis", which means a person connected to some kind of subculture, thus some songs were prohibited for many years. Address: 2, Ermou (pedestrian str. ending to Syntagma) & Christopoulou Str. Athens 105 63
  • Atlantikos — Fish & seafood - You don't have to be at the waterfront to taste fresh fish & seafood! Magnificent dishes with full taste of the sea are served this tiny restaurant with an open kitchen and high standards for fish & seafood experts! Address: 7, Avliton Str. Psyrri, Athens 105 54
  • En Iordani — Greek traditional Mama's food for Lunch - Homemade recipes of the most representative Greek dishes, all of them cooked on the same day, most of them oven baked, you actually see a wide variety of big pans in front of you to select! It's the type of restaurant we call the typical "taverna" in Greece. Address: 3, Ag. Anargiron Str. Psyrri, Athens 105 54


  • Archaeological Sites - Take advantage of the reduced prices valid in the winter season from November 1st to March 31st Entrance fee Acropolis: 20€ / Reduced: 10€
  • Special Combo Ticket - 30€ (no winter discount) valid for 5 days, including the Acropolis + 6 more sites: Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, Hadrian's Library, Kerameikos site & museum, Temple of Zeus and the Archaeological site of Lykeion.
  • Museums — A Kaleidoscope of History, Culture & Tradition - among the most important are: National Archaeological Museum, Benaki Museum and National Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Sandy beaches - are only 20 min from the center by tram or by bus. Although most Athenians do not swim so close to the city, it is always nice to walk by the seaside for a deep breath of sea breeze!
  • Drivers — Walking — Pavements - Drivers don't usually respect the white-line crossing, so always look to the left and to the right before you cross, even if the green light is on. Pavements and roads are not very well conserved, thus slippery, so beware and avoid flip flops.