Our Amsterdam Food Tour


Food Tour

When you come on our Amsterdam Secret Food Tour, you will get to try many different types of Dutch culinary delights.

  • We will meet close to the Anne Frank House, where we will start with traditional homemade pancakes called "Poffertjes."
  • After crossing one of the canals, we will stroll through the narrow streets of the Jordaan area, sampling some of the best Dutch cheeses.
  • Then, we will visit a beautiful hidden garden courtyard, created for a calm space in a busy city.
  • We will visit a local fishmonger and sample some herring and our traditional kibbeling consisting of battered chunks of fish.
  • At the next stop we will taste the most local dish called Stamppot that we love to eat, especially in the cold wintertime.
  • We will end the tour with the best dutch dessert that can't be missed: Our famous, original and delicious stroopwafel!
  • Oh, and of course there is our delicious Secret Dish too!

If you choose our upgraded drinks package:

  • Your choice of a local wheat beer or glass of red or white wine from Casa Maria
  • Your choice of a small batch Dutch beer or a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, or Cabernet Sauvignon

Please note: the itinerary is subject to change, based on the locations availability and weather.

WHY Jordaan Area?

The Jordaan Area

The Jordaan area has a long history of assissimlating merchants, sailors, workers, and immigrants. This open arm atmosphere combined with our quaint streets, and small canals named after flowers, have created a unique area within Amsterdam. Here, families have stayed for generations and they speak a dialect uniquely their own. Another treasure to spring out of this historic enclave is our traditional Dutch Folk music, "smartlap". In addition, the Jordaan area is connected to one off the most important canals in Amsterdam. As with many areas within the Netherlands, change is happening. Jordaan has been able to balance its rich cultural history with change time brings, so visitors to this area enjoy lively bars and restaurants along with quaint smaller more traditional business all within the same winding streets.



How to book a tour with us

Hi Foodies - These tours are currently only running for private groups, please contact us for more info

*Please note if you are using a special promo code then enter it in the "Voucher Code" section before you select the amount of tickets you would like to purchase*

It's easy! You can book tickets online here. We begin our tours at 11 a.m. We will send you the meeting place details before the day of the tour. Our culinary tour lasts for 3 to 3½ hour, and each one involves some walking, so be sure to bring comfortable footwear. Due to the nature of creating a well balanced and thoughtful gastronomy experience, many of our tours are unable to accommodate certain dietary restrictions. Please contact us prior to booking your tour to see if we are able to accommodate your dietary needs. And don't forget to bring a camera! You will want to remember these great places if you come to Amsterdam again!