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Amsterdam has been a beer-loving city since the 12th century. Back then, drinking beer was as normal as drinking water. In fact, the water was so polluted that everyone drank beer — even the children. The Dutch traveled far and wide, bringing wheat and rye from Germany, where they learned how to brew beer.

After a long investigation revealed a scandal amongst the big breweries of Amsterdam, small breweries started to pop up, growing and expanding within the city. In turn, this led to the growth of Amsterdam's craft beer culture, where more and more people were interested in local beers made by local people. When you join our Secret Beer Tour: Amsterdam, you'll visit and get to know two of these small breweries.

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Amsterdam Beer Tour

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Craft Beer and Microbrewery Tour


Beer and Microbrewery Tours

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Secret Beer Tours


During the tour, we'll visit two small local breweries where we'll do several tastings, as well as two bars loved by locals. One of the stops has beautiful copper taps, with a choice of 52 real Dutch beers, while another of our breweries hires and trains homeless people and turns them into professional brewers. One of our stops has been standing since 1895 and has a beer menu that changes every single day, making each tour a unique experience. You'll discover all the fascinating history behind these establishments while sipping on the best beers from past and present, surrounded by beautiful Amsterdam scenery.

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