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In Amsterdam, we have a passion for bike riding, eating herring with onions with or without bread, and our cheese! We are proud of our food culture and history. Locals love to snack an aged cheese with a glass of wine or beer after a long day. We especially love to share our passions of our city with visitors.

Your guide will introduce you to family-run businesses and small locally owned and operated restaurants. During your time on our Amsterdam tour, you will learn about the food we have selected for you, how it's made, why and how we enjoy it. Learn how to incorporate the "Dutch Way" of living into your own lifestyle.

Judith is an world traveled and experienced guide, born and raised in Amsterdam. She loves her city and the history behind it, she will take you from present to past and back again. Tasting her local food selections will help you understand the history and knowledge of the Dutch culture as it is today.

Our Amsterdam tours are small and intimate to make sure that our guests receive a personal experience.

Judith, Secret Food Tours Amsterdam "I am born and raised in Amsterdam, I have travelled a lot, but I always longed to come back to my town. I love to taste food in all the countries I visited and when I come home again, I go and buy my favorite: herring and mackerel. I am absolutely fascinated by our rich history and how we have managed to keep the city in a perfect state, on every corner in Amsterdam there is a story to tell."

Judith, Secret Food Tours Amsterdam