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Bocca di lupo
March 10, 2022
London restaurant where you don’t break a leg

We went for a late Saturday lunch in the Soho restaurant. It was packed – and would remain so for most of the day.

Culpeper gastropub
March 1, 2022
Gastropub in the heart of Shoreditch

The Gastropub is a London invention. It is part of the upgrade from “wet” pubs which served nothing but liquids...

London restaurant
March 1, 2022
Eat early, pay less

Here’s a money saving idea – and everyone needs them at this time of rapidly rising prices all over the place.

What does AOP means
July 5, 2021
What does AOP means?

In France we like to know what we eat or drink, I know this is…

Roquefort blue cheese
June 28, 2021
How is Roquefort blue cheese made

The legend around the blue cheese is very interesting, a shepherd in the region Roquefort…

French guide Michelin
June 21, 2021
Do French use the “Guide Michelin”?

To reach the stars and beyond. Earnings star Michelin is a life goal for many…

UK street food
June 18, 2021
UK Street food – cheap, convenient and oh so tasty!

When it is safe to come back to London – and that could be later…

Relation between french and wine
June 14, 2021
The love relation between French and Wine

I wanted to approach the relation between French People and Wine. Here comes the revelation…

UK supermarkets
June 10, 2021
UK – Supermarkets ranking

Everyone knows Britain – and especially England – is one of the most class-conscious societies…

French gastronomy per regions
June 7, 2021
French Gastronomy per Regions 6/6 : The North

Sixth and last part of our culinary “Tour de France” The northern part of France…

French gastronomy per regions
June 3, 2021
French Gastronomy per Regions 5/6 : The East

Part five of our culinary “Tour de France” The east region is by far the…